Residential and Commercial Property Maintenance and Small Engine Repair

Employee Support

Byelis Bridges has a passion to achieve a goal which has been a desired vision for many years in the hearts of its owners. This vision has become the company’s number one imperative focus and the very next step of development.

The initiative to develop this multi-service company came from the desire to provide support to hired employees who are in need of assistance of various skills training, customized family home-life strengthening, financial and self image building.
For example:

Various skills training;


Many men or women may have reasons for the lack of vocational skills. We are stepping up with this person, staying alongside them until the desired skill is achieved. This new found skill would give him or her greater confidence and integrity to achieve enriched ability to earn their livelihood.

Customized family home life;

This newfound vocational ability gives greater worth, especially to the one supporting a family. Furthermore, this newfound strength gives the individual the ability to have greater dreams and plans for themselves and the whole family especially for the children and the spouse.


Finances always give greater possibilities for and to a person or a whole family to have the ability to pay the bills, buy a new vehicle and purchase a house which usually turns into a home. It is said that adequate finances bring greater happiness and security. We as a company commit to achieve this goal as long as it is possible.

Self image;

Good self image is one of the most important and achievable senses of oneself. Without it a person dies inwardly. Through employee support the Byelis Bridges commits to this very important personal image building.